Set: 07.01.22, Due: 14.01.22

Home learning (07.01.22)


Below you will find the tasks to complete at home this week. If you are struggling finding time or a quiet place, please speak to your teacher as soon as possible.


Remember, your reading records will be checked on Monday and everything else on Friday.



(4)  Reading - recorded in your reading log with ONE quality comment (Hand in Monday)

(5)  TTRS - Log on and complete 20 sessions (Remember this is checked on a Thursday)


Pre-learning information

You might find some helpful tasks, activities or information that might help prepare you for your learning in the week ahead too. Have a look at what we are doing and the resources below.



Most weeks we will be sharing the text we'll use in the following week with you. You can read, listen and prepare for understanding this text so you are ready to hit the floor running each week; this will also boost your reading confidence!


Next week's text is the following:  Wolf Pack - A selection of texts about wolves

The Jungle Book - Book and film

The Jungle Book - An extract

Wolves - good or bad?

Romulus and Remus

We have also prepared a word mat of those tricky/ VIP words so you can take time getting to know these words a little. Talk through these words with an adult at home. Don't worry as we will spend some learning time understanding these more too!


The videos below will really prepare you for learning next week. They are quick to watch and give you some questions you can answer. Record in your homework book, if you need somewhere.

Multiply by 10, 100 and 1000

Divide by 10, 100 and 1000