Safeguarding in the Resource Base

Safeguarding at Blackhorse Resource Base


Blackhorse Primary school supports a resource base for children with a diagnosis of Autism or social and communication difficulties associated with Autism. As such we are fully committed to providing a safe and secure environment which takes into account all aspects of safeguarding for children Special educational or additional needs. Research has shown that autistic people may be at a higher risk of being abused than other people. It can also be more difficult to detect they are being abused. This may be because of factors linked to limited speech, a difficulty in communicating or they may find it difficult to identify their emotions. They may also, like all our children demonstrate that they are being abused by a change/s in behaviour.


At Blackhorse we are fully aware of the further vulnerability that this may cause with regards to the safeguarding our children. Safeguarding procedures and practice within our Resource Base are the same as with the mainstream school and all of staff who work within in the resource base are updated on safeguarding regularly.


The NAS have produced some helpful material on this, please see the links below: