Enquiry Subjects: History, Geography & Science

How the enquiry curriculum is organised:


Two or more subjects may be taught within each enquiry, although a single subject will always be the ‘lead subject’. Enquiry learning helps children understand how knowledge is connected between subjects. Enquiries are often linked to the local area, or story of our community, through reoccurring themes. They start with a big question and end with a challenge.


Equiry lessons will always have a descrete curriculum focus, but the enquiry itself may include lessons from the three enquiry subjects. For example, when children learn about the Indus Valley, they learn both about the geography of the area as well as the history of the civilisation which developed there. This allows the children to understand how civilisations form in specific locations as a result of their specific characteristics. In science-led enquiries, children may also learn about the history of scientific thought, alongside the key concepts, to help them understand how scientific understanding has developed over time.