School uniform is compulsory at Blackhorse Primary School and children are expected to wear it at all times. The school believes that uniform fosters a sense of community and pride, and ensures equality.


School uniform consists of the following items:


Main Uniform

  • Red School sweatshirt, red cardigan or red fleece with school logo.
  • School white polo shirt with school logo or plain white polo shirt.
  • School red book bag with school logo (EYFS & KS1).
  • Black trousers (not jeans or jeggings) or black shorts; Black skirt or black pinafore dress.
  • Red gingham dresses may be worn.
  • Black School shoes (not trainers or 'fancy boots').


PE Uniform (can be worn only on PE Days):

  • Black Blackhorse PE T-shirt
  • School gym bag
  • Black PE shorts.
  • A pair of trainers/ daps
  • Blackhorse branded Hoodie or Main school jumper (no non school-branded items please).
  • Blackhorse branded tracksuit bottoms or leggings. 


EYFS Children:

  • Waterproof Jacket and trousers
  • Wellington Boots


Optional Items

  • School red cap with school logo.
  • School red knitted hat with school logo


Make-up is not permitted.


We ask that all long hair is tied back in school and that no jewellry other than a watch is worn. If children have recently had ears pierced, they may wear small plain studs, but once they have healed, earrings must be taken out. While ears are healing, earrings must be covered with a plaster for P.E.

Please mark your child's clothing, particularly sweatshirts and fleeces, with your child's name.


Lost property in kept in a container by the childrens' entrance.



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