Week 6

Week 6 Home Learning


Wow! Year 6, we have made it to the final week of term and we really couldn't be prouder of all you have achieved. We hope you have a great week and an even better break!


Below is what you will need for this week's learning!



Please remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are many support videos, games and information that will help with this week's tasks: some new books to try; being an athlete videos; extra support on perimeter and area, as well as the hyphen and dash. There are also some online games!



The Addams Family 'Wedding' Clip

This video could inspire your ghoulish Friday write.

Alternative Friday video clip



Reading Extra: Book of the Day

Click on some of the NEW BOOKS that interest you to find a link that will let you listen to authors and illustrators read the first chapter of their book. 




Sit back and listen to something new!



Charlie Mackesy tutorial


Being an Athlete

Choose from our activities here or go back to the activities from week 3 or 4; alternatively, you could invent or choose your own idea. It would be good if you could share some with each other via Twitter. 


If the weather is fine, you could do these challenges outside, especially bouncy ball where you will need the space.

Sports Challenge - 12 Fun PE Activities for at Home

12 Fun physical education games at home - this boy is great!

Sports Challenge - The Balance Leap

Mr Scanlon revisits a favourite challenge of ours, see if you can jump further, or onto more spots!

Sports Challenge - Bouncy Ball

Mr. Beasor sets you a challenge to see how many times you can run under a bouncing ball. Make sure you are in a safe space when taking part.


Extra Support or Pre-learning Information


We have included some resources below that might support your learning for this week. Scroll down and have a look. Remember - any questions, just ask us!


Being a Mathematician

We are looking at area and perimeter and the area of triangles.

Being a Writer

Our SPaG focus for the majority of this week is looking at a new punctuation mark: the hyphen. 

Punctuation Online Games

Click the following links and hopefully you'll be taken to an online game you could play to improve your punctuation use.


The Semi-colon Wars

Possessive Apostrophes Revision