Design Technology (DT)

How we build champion Engineers

A champion engineer at Blackhorse, masters a range of technical skills to help them solve real-world problems. Their learning is often linked to the themes of the enquiries and children study famous engineers throughout history. Indeed, innovation and invention is a key theme within the history curriculum, chosen to mirror Bristol's engineering heritage and technological future. The school prioritises health and well-being across the curriculum, and this is reflected in the emphasis on horiculture and cooking within the DT curriculum.


Our 'learning ingredients' in Design Technology (Engineering):


Extensive Opportunties: Children are exposed to a broad Design Technology curriculum and given the opportunity to learn from great engineers, past and present. Children's understanding of Design Technology is embedded within the Enquiry curriculum, providing a rich context for their learning. The school provides curriculum time for children to develop an understanding and love of horiticulture on the 'Blackhorse Farm', learning how the produce is used in the school kitchens for meals. Children learn about how engineering is a key industry within Bristol through visits to the local Science and Technology zones and through talks led by engineers within our community. Our enrichment courses, which run in Terms one, three and five, also aim to enhance children's understanding of engineering. 


Expert Tuition: Where the school lacks specific expertise, we provide dedicated teaching from an expert. For example, to ensure that all children develop an understanding of horticulture, the school employs a specialist horticulture teacher (Farmer Evans), to teach the children on our very own farm (although it only grows veg) every Friday. 


Purposeful Practice: The key skills of designing, making (cutting, shaping, joining & finishing) & evaluating are returned to and developed annually.



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