In-house Student Counselling Service

At Blackhorse Primary School, we believe that champion learners are children who are happy and have good mental health and well-being. We therefore employ our own in-house Children's Counsellor, Sara Alhadeff (or Mrs A as the children call her).


Sara is an expert in both children's psychological and emotional development as a qualified counsellor, and also in how children learn, having been a teaching assistant at Blackhorse for many years prior to completing her counselling degree.


Sara works with children addressing problems both big and small. Children can be referred by parents, by staff, or can even refer themselves by leaving a note for Sara in the postbox on the therapy room door. 


Sara will sometimes see children for a one off chat - usually to help them resolve a smaller worry. If referred by a parent or staff member she might see a child for a number of sessions around a specific worry or issue; or Sara may see a child for ongoing sessions where there might be historic trauma or significant issues for the child to work through. Sara works with CAMHS and other therapeutic agencies to make sure that her work complements that of others.


Common areas which Sara supports children with include:

  • Family separation
  • Anxiety and stress.
  • Feelings of anger.
  • Understanding bereavement or loss.
  • Friendship worries.
  • Self-image and self-esteem.
  • Phobias and compulsive behaviours.


Sara's work with individual children is confidential and no one else will know that your child is receiving support. Support from Sara takes many forms, from one off chats or games sessions when a child wants to talk about a specific issue, to regular (weekly of fortnightly) sand-tray therapy, cooking sessions, conversations over a game etc. Sara's role is to give children the chance to talk about their feelings and concerns in a safe, non-threatening environment where they can work through feelings and thoughts which are making them anxious, angry or sad.


Before Sara begins working with a child, parents are always consulted and the choice as to whether to allow Sara to meet with a child is always the parents' decision. 


Sara is supported by Stanley, the school's Therapy dog, who can been seen wandering the corridors several days a week and who is used by Sara to support her therapy work with children. 


If you'd like to know more or would like Sara to work with you or your child, contact her via email here: