How we teach children about fundamental British Values

British Values at Blackhorse Primary


At Blackhorse our values of Respect, Pride, Bravery and Success underpin all that we do and are interwoven with the DfE's definition of 'fundamental British Values', namely:

  • democracy.
  • the rule of law.
  • individual liberty.
  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.


We teach these values in a variety of ways both explicitly and through other areas. Examples of how we teach these values are outlined below and links to these are highlighted in pink on the yearly overviews (see class pages).



We teach children about democracy through the school council which gives them a voice in the decisions made in school. As well has having a voice in school matters, the school council also works with South Gloucestershire Council on local projects. For example, in 2015 the children helped design the new municipal playground to the rear of the school. In 2017-18 the children have contributed to a plan to regenerate the community pond next to the school, with the school council sharing their ideas with the council planning group and Reception planting Spring bulbs in the first phase of the project. This project was entered into the House of Commons Speaker's Award scheme, earning the school council a special commendation. 



In Year 5, the children also run the school's 'Tutti Fruiti' tuck shop. This involves applying for, and then being voted into, a whole range of positions from 'Stock Manager' to 'Finance Manager'. The tuck shop sells healthy snacks every lunchtime. 


In addition to this, children learn about the birth of democracy in Ancient Greece in Year 3 and changes to how Britain was ruled during key periods of history. 


The Rule of Law:

Children have a very strong sense of natural justice and 'what is fair'. At Blackhorse their understanding of the rule of law begins with them understanding our school rules and values (as described in the school's Good Behaviour Policy). We consistently apply our school rules and children learn why we have rules and how they keep everyone safe and happy. 


Through PSHE lessons and special visits and visitors, the children learn about people who help us in our society, including the role of the local police in keeping us safe. 


In addition to this, children learn about how Britain was ruled by The Romans, The Vikings, The Victorians and during the Second World War; learning how this has changed over time. 


Individual Liberty:

The concept of individual liberty is taught in a variety of contexts at Blackhorse ranging from formal lessons which explore the theme in Religious Education (RE) or PSHE, to constant reinforcement through our school values.


Our school value of 'Pride' explores this theme explicitly, made tangible for the children through the story of 'Proud Pony' - the school's pride value character. Children learn that Proud Pony moved to the UK from St Kitts and sometimes likes playing games that some other girls don't. However, she is proud of her individuality and celebrates her right to be unique. Through this story (and reference to Proud Pony in assemblies throughout the year) the children explore the concept of individual liberty in a familiar context which reinforces individual liberty as a core Blackhorse Value. 


In addition to this, the school's 'Diversity collection' of fiction books along the upstairs corridor, provides a range of quality texts aimed at older primary pupils which explore issues such as empowerment, sterotypes, gender and identity. 


As a school with a Resource Base for children with Social Communication Needs (predominently Autism) every year we hold an Autism Awareness Week to highlight the special attributes and uniqueness which our autistic learners bring to our school. As a result, visitors often comment on the children's knowledge and understanding of this area.


Mutual Respect and Tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs:

Respect and celebration of difference are key values at Blackhorse and the children learn about the many communities which contribute to life in modern Britain. 


The school's value character 'Respect the Wonder Dog', appears in many assemblies to explore how we show respect for ourselves, our families, our school, our communities and our country.


This concept is taught formally through RE lessons which explore the contribution of different faiths to the UK (e.g. 'What is it like to be a Muslim in modern Britain?' in Year 5) including visits to local places of worship and visitors from faith groups to the school to explain their beliefs, customs and traditions. 


To find out more about how we teach about fundamental British values, take a look at the web-pages which relate to our wider curriculum.