Welcome to Blackhorse Primary School's Outstanding (OFSTED 2015) Social and Communication Need Resource Base.


The Resource Base is the heart of our school and positively influences how we do things at Blackhorse. Unlike main school admission, access to the Resource Base is organised separately with the Local Authority (see RB Admission page for details). 


The Resource base is specially designed to cater for children with social and communication needs (predominantly Autism) who would benefit from inclusion into the main school for all or part of the week. The Resource Base comprises of: two classrooms (Cherry Class - KS1 and Sycamore Class - KS2), its own lobby and group learning space, its own playground and specially designed 'Autism friendly' outdoor learning area, OT spaces, a ball pool and meeting rooms. As such, for those children who need a quiet, highly structured and scheduled learning environment, Resource Base is a self-contained provision. 


Whilst some children will learn predominantly within the Resource Base, particularly when they are new to the school, our ambition is for all Resource Base children to eventually include into mainstream classes (supported by a RB member of staff) for all or part of the week. 


Every member of staff at Blackhorse, whether attached to the Resource Base or not, is trained to work with children with the social and communication needs associated with autism and SEND inclusion is central to the work of the school.