Week 4

Week 4 Home Learning


Below is everything you need for your home learning for this week. Remember that you are doing a great job and trying your hardest - that is all we ask for! Keep going.





Reading Extra: Book of the Day

Click on some of the books that interest you to find a link that will let you listen to authors and illustrators read the first chapter of their book. 




Sit back and listen but also find out what the book is about: you never know, you may be interested in buying a copy to read during lockdown!



This week's learning is a mixture of finding out about Victorian engineers and looking for links between them and Ancient Briton engineers. There will also be an opportunity for you to keep being active, while being an athlete!


Being an Athlete

Choose from our activities here or go back to the activities from last week; alternatively, you could invent or choose your own idea. It would be good if you could share some with each other via Twitter. 


If the weather is fine, you could do these challenges outside, especially the tennis one! 


Weds/Fri Challenge (Choice 1) - Balance Leap

Mr Scanlon revisits a favourite challenge of ours, see if you can jump further, or onto more spots!

Weds/Fri Challenge (Choice 2) - The Speed Bounce

Roll up a towel, mat or anything else you can get your hands on, grab a timer and see how many time you can jump over the mat in 20 seconds.

Weds/Fri Challenge (Choice 3) - Household Tennis Keepy Ups

Mr Sharda wants to see how many tennis keepy ups you can do...but with household appliances! (You could use a tennis racket and ball, if you have one and can get outside)



Extra Support or Pre-learning information


We have included some resources below that might support your learning for this week. Scroll down and have a look. Remember, if you do have any questions just ask us. 


Being a Mathematician

We are beginning to look at how we use ratios.


Being a Writer

Our SPaG focus is using commas and especially using commas to make your writing clear. Remember our aim from last term: include at least 3 commas in each piece of writing! 


Use this image to help you prepare.




Being a Reader

Also don't forget to keep listening to Wolf Brother by clicking the link to take you to our own BH Wolf Brother page