How we Teach Reading at Blackhorse

Intent (what we aim to achieve):

A Champion Reader at Blackhorse uses and develops their phonological knowledge to read words with increased fluency. They have good understanding of texts they read and take an active approach to reading. They are able to visualise, ask questions, repair any break down of meaning and use different strategies to infer.


Implementation (what we are focusing on improving most this year):

At Blackhorse the focus of being a reader this year is to investigate new vocabulary to aid understanding of a variety of texts. Children will be able to name the skills used in VIPERS to clarify meaning of a text.


Impact (how we will know we've been successful):

Through analysing assessment data, hearing children read and discussing their understanding with them; we will know that they have a clear understanding of the different types of (VIPERS) questions asked of them, and have a firm grasp on vocabulary.



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