In-House Family Support Service

Family Link Services offered by Emma Touzalin


Email Emma: 

Phone or text Emma's school mobile: 07544 028 142


Emma is the school's Family Link Officer and is here to help with any number of issues which can impact on family life. She is trained in supporting families in many areas, including:


  • Financial worries.
  • Housing issues.
  • Looking for a new job.
  • Parenting concerns (bedtime routines, improving relationships/ behaviour at home).
  • Parental mental health concerns.
  • Bereavement 
  • Low self-confidence or isolation.
  • Domestic Violence.
  • Alcohol or drug dependancy.


Whatever your worry, you can contact Emma using the contact form below or by texting:

07544 028 142. Emma doesn't work everyday, so if your issue is urgent, please email the school office at: or ring the school on 01454 866570. Emma's working hours are:

Monday12pm-5pm and Wednesday 8am -1pm.


If you have concerns about specific issues which you would rather discuss in private, the following organisations are available to help as well as the school:



Early Help Action Planning

One service Emma offers, is 'Early Help Action Planning' (or EHAP for short). 


If an issue is causing you or your family problems, and it's not clear how best to improve the situation, then Emma might suggest starting an Early Help Action Plan. 


This is your chance to tell Emma all about a worry or problem and to think in more detail about who Emma could contact to help you resolve it. You are completely in control of this process and everything is done with your agreement. 


Some common areas where an EHAP could help include:

  • Family breakdown and disagreements over contact.
  • Concerns about behaviour at home or school.
  • Debt problems.
  • Mental health worries (children or parents). 


An EHAP is a good way to help families access the support they need to solve a particular problem. Contact Emma if you would like to know more about EHAPs. 


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