Our commissioned role in the Resource Base is to facilitate inclusion for our pupils and enable them to be part of a thriving school community; whilst receiving specialist support, and our expectation is that by the time of the pupil’s first annual review there must be some inclusion within the mainstream class taking place, for at least part of the week.


Commonly, children joining the Blackhorse Primary School Resource Base will start by spending all, or the vast majority of their time in one of the two dedicated Resource Base classrooms (Cherry & Sycamore) which benefit from small classes (typically 6-10) and specialist staff. Whilst in Resource Base, the children will benefit from a low-sensory environment, a highly-structured and individualised curriculum and an emphasis on developing vital language and communication skills, alongside other core areas.


However, our aim is to work towards inclusion into the main school, as this is the key difference between a Resource Base and other specialist units or settings. Once we feel that a child is ready to begin including into the main school, they will begin familiarisation activities.