Set: 14.06.23 Due: 21.06.23

Home learning (14.06.23)


Below you will find the tasks to complete at home this week. If you are struggling finding time or a quiet place, please speak to your teacher as soon as possible.




(1) Complete your reading record for your at least FIVE reads this week. This should be a date and pages read. It could also have a brief sentence about what has been read.


(2) In your reading record, there should be ONE QUALITY (Year 6 standard) comment about your reading this week. This would be more than three sentences.


(3) TTRS - Log on is checked on a Thursday.



It is Pride Month! Next Friday is 'Proud Families Day' at Blackhorse. We will be thinking about where the rainbow flag comes from to celebrate our LGBTQ+ community amongst many other stories.


This year the theme will be "I am proud of the family I am from and everyone who is part of it."


Everyone is also invited to wear their rainbow clothes on the day to celebrate! We look forward to seeing a very colourful and proud Blackhorse! 🏳️‍🌈


Here is a link to the story written by Rob Saunders & Steven Salerno. We will be reading this in class to learn about the importance of Harvey Milk and the rainbow flag. CLICK HERE


This simple story called 'My Shadow is Pink' by Scott Stuart is also fun to listen to as it challenges gender stereotypes. CLICK HERE


The story of 'Glitter Boy' by Ian Eagleton can be sampled here where you can read the first chapter and read some reviews about this excellent story of the courage it takes to be yourself no matter who you are! CLICK HERE