Set: 21.06.23 Due: 28.06.23

Home learning (21.06.23)


Below you will find the tasks to complete at home this week. If you are struggling finding time or a quiet place, please speak to your teacher as soon as possible.




(1) Complete your reading record for your at least FIVE reads this week. This should be a date and pages read. It could also have a brief sentence about what has been read.


(2) In your reading record, there should be ONE QUALITY (Year 6 standard) comment about your reading this week. This would be more than three sentences.


(3) TTRS - Log on is checked on a Thursday.




It is Pride Month! This Friday is 'Proud Families Day' at Blackhorse. We will be thinking about where the rainbow flag comes from to celebrate our LGBTQ+ community amongst many other stories.


This year the theme will be "I am proud of the family I am from and everyone who is part of it."


Everyone is also invited to wear their rainbow clothes on the day to celebrate! We look forward to seeing a very colourful and proud Blackhorse! 🏳️‍🌈


Here is a link to the story written by Rob Saunders & Steven Salerno. We will be reading this in class to learn about the importance of Harvey Milk and the rainbow flag. CLICK HERE